my entire leg is asleep to the point where it hurts but it also doesn’t feel real

now it feels really fuckin weird and it keeps twitching there are people around me help


Benedict Cumberbatch will be on the front cover of Elle magazine (December issue).

The full cover will be revealed in October.

According to Elle:

"We don’t want to give too much away right now. But there was a small furry animal on set. We rode on the back of his motorcycle. And he talked (at length) about exactly what Sherlock would do in bed.

It was a good day at work.”


Fucking Emmy Winners!



i just watched this five times in a row

The kid doing the Obama impersonation (cameron) is literally our senior class president. He won by doing his entire speech in Obama’s voice I shit you not.

1,225% —

That’s how much the price of college in America has increased over the past 4 decades

That is not a typo. 

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Congratulations to Benedict and Martin on their Emmy wins


About me: when I was young and ambitious

I envy college freshmen every year in August. You have so much hope and ambition. You know exactly who you are.

I knew what I wanted, too. I wanted to go to Eastern University and get a faith-based degree on psychology. I wanted to learn at a liberal Christian college so that I could speak the language of my opposition.

And I wanted to go to graduate school in San Francisco for sexuality. SFSU has a masters program in sexuality studies. I wanted to be an important activist. I wanted to speak in churches and schools. I was going to be great.

I don’t like to talk about this much, because right now my ambition is to pay bills via any means possible. I can’t be great. I can’t have a degree. I have to sweat it out in retail to get by. Because of this my ambitions have dimmed to more approachable goals.

When shit hit the fan with my family, I dropped out of Eastern. I didn’t even finish my last semester.

I want to finish. There’s still that glimmer of a dream. All the work that I put into it is still something I’m proud of. I am proud of the person I was.

Moving to California will help enable me to get there. Isa has a few solid job leads. We can finally get on our feet financially. I can go back to school. San Fran will be so much closer.

Please. Help us get there. And then maybe I can start to dream again.



great gatsby (2013): leonardo dicaprio is rich and screams at people

wolf of wallstreet (2013): leonardo dicaprio is rich and screams at people

django unchained (2012): leonardo dicaprio is rich and screams at people


This is the timeline expressions of my day to day life decisions


when you have a lot of homework and not enough time


Anonymous asked: this probably wont help but if you are stressing about sleeping in and missing classes maybe you should try to make a habit of looking out the window(to see if its dark) before looking at the clock or if your clock has an option to clearly show am/pm enable it or try to get a loud alarm but your roommate might not like that something that works for me is make my alarm(phone or whatever) vibrate and make noise then put it under my pillow so the vibration + noise can wake me up

yeah i mean i did that but i was too out of it to register that it was still dark outside so